Introducing Beegle

We have started a new start-up called Beegle to help you people with getting an extra pair of hands in their day to day lives.

Idea started with a need of having someone to assist while conducting small events, or daily chores or in those times when one is not as mobile due to being sick or other reasons. Other portals like Urbanclap or Housejoy don’t suffice as they focus mostly on skilled labour with specific tasks in mind, while when just needs an assistant, it is for varied tasks, and not just one.

With recent Covid outbreak the need got heightened even more, and the other side of the ecosystem, the working force also started grappling a lot with the challenge due to shortage of work. This led us to feel a strong need of having such a platform.

You can call it Taskrabbit of India, maybe. Though of course in Indian context it has its own nuances and challenges due to the economic and digital literacy levels of working folks like domestic workers, labourers and other gig economy participants.

Having started it couple of months back, we are already dealing with lot of practical operational issues of finding the right help to customers, suiting their needs. And also to find the right work for the help partners such that work suits their needs and is reasonably remunerative.

Hope we are able to overcome these challenges and build a platform that brings about a positive social change in India.

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