About me

Hello there.

I am Mukesh Ghatiya. I am a mad nomad with ODD (Observer, Dreamer, Doer) personality.

Professionally, I am a Product Management Consultant, located in Bangalore. A 16+ years experienced entrepreneur having played roles in Product Management, Software Engineering and Designing.

I like to observe people, solve problems and build things.

I’m available for short term assignments and providing mentorship to start-ups on Product Strategy, Roadmap and User Flows. I’ve mentioned the kind of assignments I am up for on my Linkedin Profile which would also give you a glimpse on what all I have been up to professionally in past.

I keep writing some of my thoughts or updates on my projects that I am undertaking. Do check out my latest writings on the blog.

About my name: Some people wonder about my surname (ones who know Hindi). So, its pronounced as “Gh-aa-ti-ya”, though it doesn’t quite matter how you choose to do it yourself. I have nothing to do with “ghaats”. My ancestors somehow didn’t possibly envisage the issue this surname could cause, and when I started to write my name in English and I didn’t figure I could avoid mispronunciation issue by just adding an “a” 🙂 All is well though. My name helps me being in top in SEO 🙂 Anyway, now that you know my name is funny, imagine about whole package!

Here’re a few links related to me

  • Project Podium : This is the meetup group that I run for performing arts enthusiasts.
  • Supari: This is the film I was part of.
  • Pixel en Inc : This is the advertising and designing company that I started and had to close.


These are some of my interests, in no particular order:

  • Bridge
  • Product management
  • Behavioural Economics
  • Investments
  • Acting/Theatre
  • Civic issues
  • Ads
  • Adventures
  • Product design
  • Information design
  • Linguistics
  • Humor
  • Movies
  • Technology
  • Psychology and human behaviour
  • Philosophy
  • Horticulture
  • Health
  • Hindi
  • Evolution
  • Debate
  • Lateral thinking


Here’s my one old wishlist. Need to update it sometime.

  1. To learn Urdu, Punjabi and Spanish
  2. To find at least one look alike of mine
  3. To visit Pakistan
  4. To meet Bill Watterson and Scott Adams
  5. To become apprentice of a psychologist/psychiatrist.
  6. To learn knife throwing
  7. To own a boomerang and to know how to use it
  8. To go to Las Vegas with $10M for 15 days.
  9. Full collection of “Tiger” comics by Bud Blake.
  10. To do Bungee jumping, Skydiving, paragliding and Scuba diving.
  11. To be able to sing such that ppl won’t mind it, even if they don’t request to continue 🙂
  12. To travel back in time and marry Waheeda Rehman.