I provide strategic consultation on Product Strategy and Management, for web/mobile products. I believe in working together to build products that are useful, usable and valuable. I take the up the task from idea to execution.



For Early Stage Companies:

I make sure you are working on right product and a minimal version of it comes out in time.

A typical start-up has many of such questions unanswered:

  • Are we sure that what we are building is what users want/need?
  • What problem are we solving?
  • What should we build and what should we reuse? Whether to build at all? Maybe need to build something different?
  • Out of 157 features in mind which ones should we must build right now?
  • Why does our company exist?
  • How will the world be different when our product comes out?
  • Have we taken the right approach to solve the problem?

These require right product thinking and a critical analysis, which many of the energetic action biased entrepreneurs don’t pay attention to. That is a frequent cause of failure, often after having spent lot of energy, time and money.

I provide insights and work with you to..

  • Reduce the time to discover product/market fit
  • Make sure we are working on right problem and a problem that is worth our time and effort
  • Make sure we are clear on what do we want to build, why and how. And then formulate and build right minimal solutions and not “everything”.
  • Make sure you spend your funds and resources in the best way possible.
  • Make sure you don’t need hire a senior Product person for full time in your team until time is right.


For Scale-Up Stage Products
I help you solve execution challenges and make sure your long term vision is aligned with your strategy and execution.

You’ve got your product running for a while, and are raring to go big. However, some practical challenges
might bog you down. E.g.

  • Product adoption, engagement and usage challenges: Why don’t users love the product as much as we do?
  • Identity crisis: Everyone in org has different opinion on what should be done, what we stand for, and chaos ensues. We end up pleasing everyone little bit, and no one very well.
  • So much to do and so few resources (are resources sufficient ever?)

I work with you to sort such things out via..

  • Chiseling the long term strategy, vision, positioning and alignment with roadmap. Includes a workshop with core team where we introspect, analyse and plan.
  • Fixing alignment issues of different functions with product roadmap
  • Surgical analysis and fixing of point issues like conversions via applying problem solving techniques, best practices, and innovation.
  • Managing new product launches (Which ones? And how?)
  • A third eye review of current state of product, alignment with long term and focus


For Established Product Companies
I augment your executional bandwidth, review the processes and solve other alignment challenges.



For All Companies
Auxiliary services and workshops to help you run product functions more effectively.