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Our new play Mujhe Amrita Chahiye

After quite long search of Hindi play scripts, I finally zeroed in on Hindi play Mujhe Amrita Chahiye by Yogesh Tripathi.

Working on the cast/rehearsals etc. and plan to perform the play in Nov/Dec timeline in Bangalore.

Play outline:

Winner of Mohan Rakesh Award in 2002, this play presents the story of women’s status in society. Vijaya, a sensitive girl shackled by her domestic concerns experiences emancipation through theatre.

Vijaya lives with her dreams and wants to fulfill them. She dreams about her future and just like every girl she has untold aspirations and has developed those tender feelings in herself with which every girl lives. The situations in her life prompt her to enter the theatre industry. This change in her life makes her strong and frees her from the selfish bounds of the worldly pleasures. She frees herself from the senseless barriers of the society.

Play script

Rehearsals schedule: Mostly on weekends. On weekdays towards the closing days to the show.
Performance venue: Not yet decided. Planning to do four shows in two days.
Character outlines:
Contact me if interested in participating. Looking for actors as well as people to take charge of Lights design, sounds design, sets design etc.

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