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Daily reference tips collection on product management

Right before my last day of work at QuikrHomes and CommonFloor I made a Product Manager’s Kit and gave as a token gift to product managers I had worked with.

I got the inspiration to create something like this when I saw the Product Manager’s Manifesto created by Medha Ghatikesh.

I remembered that there were such bits that I used to share with my team as well, and wanted them to remember some of these and use them often for their to help them in product management career. The concepts and tips are mostly on stakeholder management, right involvement of product manager in the development cycle and good practices for product management.

It had following things in it:

  1. Flash cards for Product Managers to refer to frequently. Contains the things they should tell stakeholders. Almost like a cheat sheet
  2. Six questions that product managers should ask themselves everyday
  3. Set of questions that a product manager should make sure he/she asks to self during the different stages of product development cycle
  4. Product manager’s arsenal. A collection of things to tell others and sometimes to yourself
  5. Product Manager’s Manifesto by Medha Ghatikesh
  6. SEO Periodic Table by SearchEngineLand
  7. A thought starter for which charts to use for different scenarios by A Abela


This is how it came out:

Product Manager's Kit made by Mukesh Ghatiya


And here are the individual components that I created.


Flash cards for Product Managers to refer to frequently:


Here’s the product manager’s arsenal. Things to tell others and sometimes to yourself.

Product Manager's arsenal. No, we can't build this. Good idea. Wrong time. How does this impact the business? How does it play out in long term? Quality, Time, Cost. Choose any two. Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Tell me the problem, not the solution. Let's look at the data. How many people are facing this issue? How badly are they affected? It's PRODUCT, not project Is there a work-around? This should come in version 7.0, not before that. Let's release this in version 0.1 What you are asking for is what you want. Let me understand what you need. Let’s user test this design.


Here are the six questions that product managers should ask themselves everyday:


Have I used product today? When did I check out competition last? When did I do last user meeting? All that we are working on, are they the top problems/needs/opportunities? Do I have a plan for the day? How did the numbers do today?


And here’s the set of questions that a product manager should make sure he/she answers during the different stages of product development cycle:

Product Manager's involvement in product development cycle. Idea and requirement phase (Idea, People, Vision, Planning) What are the users’ top pain points? Have I prioritised only the top items in this phase? What are the market’s top opportunities and unmet needs? Does it fit in our long term strategy? Solutioning phase (UX, Tech, Validation, Scope division) Have I thought through the solution and architected it with UX and Tech? Have I validated the solution with stakeholders and users? Building phase (Writing down, Informing Stakeholders, Discuss, Track) Is my PRD clear and sufficient for the tech team? Does it speak their language? Have I thought it through PRD thoroughly? Have I taken care of adding tracking bits? Have I kept all stakeholders informed about the release? Release phase (Test, Test, Test, Test) Did I validate the release on stage? Did I validate the release on production? Post release phase (Measure, Share, Plan next) Did I measure the impact of my last release? Have I shared the impact of my released items with everyone? Have I looked at my product’s key metrics and do I know why they are moving up/down?


Hope these are helpful to you too.

If you are a product manager, I recommend you to take print-outs of these and stick to your desk wall.

I still have 2-3 printed copies in case you think you would like to have 🙂

Happy managing products.


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