Board a Match scoring software per Indian scoring method

Those following Bridge, would know Board a Match is one of the team match formats. In India the matches are scored on a scale of 0-6, while in other countries it is 0-2. I find Indian scoring better, as it is not as binary as the other one and makes the scoring a bit fair.

However, the scoring software that are around are for 0-2 scale and hence it is quite a task for organisers in India to do the scoring of Board a Match event. It is quite a manual effort, and is somewhat error prone.

I hear that Indian scoring might not continue in long run and world may adopt to 0-2 scoring. I wish that doesn’t happen. Anyway, I thought of writing a scoring software that can help Indian tournament organisers till then.

So I made an VBA macro based MS Excel tool to allow scoring for Board a Match tournament as per Indian scoring methodology.

Here’s the downloadable file of the tool. It contains the instructions on how to use it. Please feel free to download and use it. Please let me know if you find it helpful or otherwise, or if you have comments on improving it further.

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